It isn’t that complicated. You walk on the sidewalk, cross the street at crosswalks, and walk when instructed to do so by the pedestrian light; do all that and you have the right of way. Yet somehow, some cars still try to butt their way ahead of you. And it isn’t remotely a fair fight. If you can’t jump out of the way, you versus a car will land you in the hospital. You could even be fighting for your life.

If you or a friend is laying in a hospital bed after losing a battle with a motor vehicle in Los Angeles, you need to call us as soon as possible. Even though your life may be on hold, your responsibilities are unrelenting. We help you get through this trying time and receive just compensation for your injuries and losses. Your main concern should be getting well and getting back on your feet, literally. Let us take care of seeing to your legal concerns that your accident caused. You don’t deserve to pay for another person’s neglect.